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BM Range

price £6,290+VAT

Solid and versatile Brushing Machine, available in multiple configurations and with large number of brushes, to obtain the most varied finishes.

By adding the SM KIT for sanding it is possible to use it also as a sanding machine.

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  BM 300 T1 BM 300 T2 BM 600 T2 BM 800 T2 BM 1300 T2
Brush Working Width 300mm 300mm 600mm 800mm 1300mm
Max Working Height 300mm 300mm 300mm 300mm 110mm
Feeding Belt Speed 3-10mmmm 3-10mm 3-10mm 3-10mm 3-10mm
Brush Diameter Max. BM: 200mm
With SM Kit: 230mm
Overall Dimensions 900 x 900 x 1700mm 1300 x 900 x 1700mm 1300 x 1200 x 1700mm 1300 x 1400 x 1700mm 1930 x 1370 x 1750mm

Optional Accessories

Side brushes kit Side brushes